Walt's Photos of the Bay to Breakers May 1998

I was taking pictures with our Casio Digital camera, pardon the quality, I don't get much practice,
and the Bay to Breakers is a hard place is a hard place to learn.

bay2b014.jpg (60873 bytes)

Self Portrait, from arm's length

bay2b003.jpg (60890 bytes)

Looking for the Starting Line

bay2b004.jpg (60800 bytes)

Still before Starting Line, I decided to cut through some buildings to the next block over.

bay2b005.jpg (60381 bytes)

Ken Star/Monica blow up doll The guy was wearing a Clinton mask
Still before the Starting Line

bay2b007.jpg (60636 bytes)

I can see the Start, nothing is moving, 25 minutes before 8:00

bay2b009.jpg (56358 bytes)

We are moving now (in baby steps, note the toe) here are some tortillas on the ground - they were being thrown around by the crowd

bay2b011.jpg (59618 bytes)

I'm past the Start Line , it took 17 minutes to get there, and it's still really crowded

bay2b013.jpg (59838 bytes)

Monty Python rabbit (next year they are going to do a large wooden Badger)

bay2b015.jpg (59340 bytes)

Sea of Humanity, clear to the horizon

bay2b016.jpg (58523 bytes)

5 1/2 to Go!

bay2b018.jpg (57864 bytes)

Mile 3 and it's still a Sea of Humanity. This is the Hayes Street hill.

bay2b019.jpg (60936 bytes)

More of the same

bay2b020.jpg (61105 bytes)

Some of the costumes - pretty wild - extra appendages being shown off for the camera

bay2b022.jpg (59932 bytes)

More appendages

bay2b023.jpg (60695 bytes)

The Hayes Street Porch Potatoes (according to the banner)

bay2b024.jpg (59287 bytes)

Conservetory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park (1)

bay2b025.jpg (58917 bytes)

Conservetory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park (2)

bay2b026.jpg (60961 bytes)

Entrance to Rose Garden, Golden Gate Park

bay2b027.jpg (59620 bytes)

Tree Costume - Sign says "Stop the Logging or we take more Celebraties"
a Bono and Kennedy were bumping into the tree people

bay2b028.jpg (60239 bytes)

This is a man made entirely of duct tape

bay2b029.jpg (60675 bytes)

Golden Gate Park - the crowd in front of me

bay2b031.jpg (60814 bytes)

The crowd behind me

bay2b032.jpg (60824 bytes)

These guys (on Platforms) are taking pictures of your number

bay2b033.jpg (55884 bytes)

close up of platform

bay2b034.jpg (60498 bytes)

BIG SCARRY Buffalo, AKA "The where's Waldo Buffalo shot"

bay2b035.jpg (59907 bytes)

Dutch Windmill, Golden Gate Park

bay2b036.jpg (53873 bytes)

close up

bay2b037.jpg (57165 bytes)

Broken out of the woods and you can see the ocean, I fiddled with the exposure - bad idea!

bay2b038.jpg (57306 bytes)

My Time 2:34, but it took 17 minutes to get to the Starting Line!

bay2b039.jpg (60128 bytes)

Empty Crystal Geyser Boxes at the finish

bay2b040.jpg (60900 bytes)

I was trying to get a picture of these two police sitting on their horses
except, one of them moved and ruined my picture - but then ........

bay2b041.jpg (59991 bytes)

He was just going to share a cool drink of Crystal Geyser with his four legged friend, Aw, ain't that sweet!

bay2b042.jpg (60876 bytes)

The unfinished wind mill

bay2b043.jpg (61126 bytes)

Polo Field - After the race .... PARTY!
Actually, we had to walk at least another mile to get here, but damnit, I want my tee shirt!